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user2416964 wrote on 14 November 2016

Chancers! Don't be suckered in by their quote...

Lured in by the high value on my old phone, and the added Quidco cashback was a bonus in deciding to use MCM to recycle my old phone. Sent them my phone, after which it took three days to process. From an initial £70, the value dropped by 90% to just £7 because the water damage indicator had activated. I live in Scotland, where it is pretty wet!! Despite that, the phone worked perfectly well, was well looked after and I had no problems with it at any time throughout it's life so to have the value chopped as much as it was, it was an insult to my intelligence. Valuation was rejected and order was cancelled, and I now await the return of my handset. I don't expect I'll get my cashback either. Don't take the initial value MCM offer as gospel; unless the phone is pristine out of the box they'll find something wrong to drive the value down.

Overall rating 2 stars

circuitron wrote on 20 February 2017

Offered 10% of value

Offered over £200 for my phone. This was revised to £20 when they got it, because of a number of so called faults. It took them a full week to even test it. Got my phone back off them and sent it to Music Magpie who promised £190. They confirmed and paid the full amount in a day. Won't be using Mobile Cash Mate again

Overall rating 1 stars

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Giblets2 wrote on 06 February 2017

Rip off

I sent in a brand new phone having had it swapped in an Apple store a few days before. It was in perfect working order and completely mint. They came back with an 'offer' £70 under the 'estimate' saying the display was in some way imperfect. It wasn't. Backed out and asked for the phone back. Guess what? When it arrived they had stolen the unused, boxed earphones! This lot are to be avoided. Traded the phone at CEx for a lot more that they had revised their offer to - even without the stolen earphones.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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