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Are you on the lookout for your next mobile phone? If so, you're in luck. With you can get the best deals with the latest handsets, the most competitive tariffs – and even cashback – from the comfort of your living room! 

That’s because, the UK’s largest online mobile phone retailer, has teamed up with Quidco to sort out your handset hassles and resolve your contract conundrums. Simply grab a cup of tea, sit back and click on the cashback links to get started.

Last updated Mar. 1, 2022
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    Want to know how to make the most of your cashback? Then read on...

    Why shop with

    The people at claim to be 'the smartphone people', and in fairness, they know a thing or two about the mobile phone market and what customers want.

    Launched in 1995 as the UK’s first online mobile phone retailer, joined forces with Carphone Warehouse twelve years later as part of the new Dixons Carphone group.

    Now Europe’s largest mobile phone supplier, the combined operation uses its substantial buying power and reputation to offer impressive deals on handsets, plans, and accessories.

    Its array of awards speaks volumes. has been recognised by the likes of uSwitch and Mobile Choice as one of the best sources of competitive mobile phone deals in the UK. It’s also a member of the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service, continually striving to achieve service excellence.

    So you’re in safe hands with – with the added incentive of being topped up with cashback when you shop online. Just enter the site via one of our cashback links and your cashback will be calculated automatically.

    The latest handsets at your fingertips

    Finding your perfect handset is as easy as ABC. The Mobile Phones menu breaks things down by brand and includes direct links to the most popular handsets, so whether you're after the latest iPhone or want to see what's new in the Samsung range, you'll be there in a jiffy.

    If you're struggling to choose – and you might well be, because buying a phone seems to get more complex by the year – can help with that too.

    The news section gives you the latest information on anything mobile phone-related, while easy-to-understand Techsplanations guide you through the difficult stuff, enabling you to sort your Bluetooth from your Burst Mode and distinguish FaceTime from Face Detection.

    You can also get the heads-up about forthcoming releases, pre-orders, features, prices, and tariffs via the Register For a New Phone page, where you can specify your preferences by brand, colour, and operating system.

    Powerful ways to find the best contract deal

    If you've decided that a contract is the way to go – and do read contract pros and cons in the advice section beforehand – the next step is to browse the contract page, where you can explore pay monthly contract options, compare operators, and handsets, and search for suitable tariffs.

    Use the filters to search deals by phone features, operating systems, colour and memory capacity, and the helpful cost sliders to balance out monthly and upfront costs. Looking for phones with zero upfront cost? No problem – there’s a whole page devoted to them too.

    If you’ve yet to settle on a manufacturer or operating system, you can browse deals, handsets, and features from the likes of Apple and Sony on the Best Phone Deals Page.

    …and free gifts on selected contracts!

    Great handsets, helpful advice, and competitive prices is already a pretty compelling promise, but isn't done yet. On certain contracts you could also qualify for a free gift when you sign up.

    And we're not talking about a baseball cap or a stress ball.'s free gifts are genuinely desirable tech, including Xboxes, smart TVs, and laptops. Just pick a gift you fancy from the selection and you'll be able to see which phones and deals qualify for it.

    Then simply sign up for your contract, sit back and let do the rest. You don't even have to pay extra postage!

    News, buying guides, games, and more

    We mentioned the News section earlier, but it really is handy when you're trying to choose the right handset or deal. It's broken down into two channels: News and Blog.

    News is where you'll find meaty reports on the likes of 4G infrastructure, as well as the occasional fun interactive feature (the brand scored a bit of a viral hit with Serpent Dash, a mash-up of phone classic Snake and Google Maps).

    The Blog channel is a mix of buying guides, useful tips – get advice on freeing up memory, using roaming data, and extending battery life, for instance – and articles about digital and mobile culture, from emojis to gaming to podcasts. 

    Broadband and TV packages also offers free, impartial advice on new broadband and TV packages, comparing deals from the best providers to help you save money.

    Simply tap your postcode into the broadband and TV page and let the site check available packages in your area, presenting no-nonsense results tables with details of download/upload speed, cost, and additional features such as anti-virus software or parental controls.

    Switching is easy, either online or via the Switching Support Service. Do check terms and conditions, as depending on our current offers cashback might not be available on broadband and TV packages.

    Detailed product guides and user reviews

    We were particularly impressed by the product guides on Available for all models, they're clear and concise, and do a good job of demystifying the tech for 'I just want a phone!' readers.

    At the bottom of each handset's product page there’s an ‘Everything You Need to Know About’ section that includes information on the display, camera, and performance, together with a round-up of pros and cons and an overall rating.

    If you want to go down the rabbit hole, there's also a full spec sheet beneath that. You'll also find links to News and Blog articles that mention the handset, so relevant new stories, opinion pieces, or buying guides will be at your fingertips too.

    Finally, there are the customer reviews – which for some shoppers are the most important part of all. As well as displaying an overall score out of five, asks customers to rate phones for battery life, camera, quality, and value, so it's easy to see what the handset's strong suit is.

    Double up the savings with cashback

    As you’re here already, you likely know that you can get cashback at through Quidco. It’s easy. Just head to the cashback links at the top of this page and pick one that sounds good to you.

    Click the ‘Get cashback’ button. You’ll be directed to website. Make a purchase and your cashback will be tracked. Then just sit tight as the money makes its way to you.

    However, that’s not the only to get cashback through They have their own cashback scheme too, separate from the Quidco one. It works like this: if you purchase a deal for free line rental, you could be entitled to cashback.

    You have to redeem your cashback by sending in the bill for the month in which you’re supposed to receive cashback to They’ll redeem your money back.

    Mega-value deals and dates: student discount and Black Friday sale regularly team up with student site StudentBeans to offer excellent student discounts. Previous student discounts have included saving 32% on the iPhone XR. Be careful, though, opting for a student discount may mean that your Quido cashback doesn’t qualify.

    Make sure that you read the offer terms and conditions for more information.

    Much like every other online phone retailers, offer crazy discounts on the famous dates, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, you could make huge savings on the handsets everybody wanted to get their hands on, including iPhone 11 Pro and the Google Pixel 4.

    Be sure to come back this November for equally brilliant deals. Remember to go through Quidco, so you could get cashback on top of the sales. Double savings!

    5 ways to make the most of your cashback with

    Ready to hear more? We've taken a quick look at what does and how it works – now here are some specific suggestions to get you earning that cashback…

    1. Save even more with a refurbished handset

    A refurbished handset is one that has been returned, usually, because someone has changed their mind within the cooling-off period or because of a technical fault that has now been fixed. And it can be a really savvy buy.

    You could make substantial savings compared to buying the same handset new, and because you're extending the phone's lifespan, it's a slightly more environmentally friendly option too.

    All refurbished stock comes from manufacturers who have carefully inspected it, so this isn't like buying a used phone through a marketplace. You'll even get a 12-month warranty.

    OK, so you won’t get the branded box or earphones (for hygiene reasons) but you can use savings made on the phone to buy accessories. Head to the refurbished phones page to see what's on offer.

    2. Pick up an accessories bundle

    How about some accessories for your new handset? offers a wide range, including cases, headphones, and chargers. We particularly like the Essentials accessories bundles, which include a clear plastic case, a screen protector, and an in-car charger.

    They're a great-value option if you want practical basics to protect your handset and keep it powered up on the road. If you're looking for something tougher or more stylish, browse the standalone cases for coloured silicone sleeves, wallet-style holders, and hardy shells with impact protection.

    3. Plan your next upgrade

    If the end of your current contract is in sight, head to the Upgrade page to look at some of the phones you could get your hands on.

    There are useful filters for brand, network, cost, colour and features to help you research, and you can even filter by refurbished options, which will drive down those monthly costs. It doesn't matter where you bought your current phone and contract – you can do the whole upgrade process through

    You'll just need to provide your mobile number when you check out. If you're hanging on for the next big handset before you upgrade, sign up for the Register for Latest Phones service to stay up to date.

    4. …or save money by switching to SIM Only

    Not everyone wants to upgrade. If you like your existing handset and want to pay less each month, try switching to a SIM-only contract at the end of your current agreement.

    Because you're just paying for the SIM and not the phone, it can work out significantly cheaper. Check out the SIM-Only page to browse deals by price, operator, contract length, as well as by how much airtime and data is included in your monthly payment. Some SIM-Only deals are eligible for free gifts too!

    5. Discover no-strings mobile use

    If you don’t want to be tied into a contract, and just want to use your phone for occasional calls and texts, then a Pay As You Go arrangement with a cheaper handset could suit you better. With no monthly fee, you buy your allowances upfront as a voucher or via your service provider.

    But going no-strings doesn't necessarily mean buying a lesser phone. If you can afford to buy your handset upfront, check out the SIM-Free Phones page, where you can use's search filters to explore a range of unlocked handsets, including top-end iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

    Then you just buy a data and airtime bundle each month, changing your bundle or even service provider as you see fit.

    Shopping with

    Still, have questions about We've rounded up answers to some of the most common queries below.

    Is a legitimate operation?

    Yes. has been running since 1995 and is now part of Dixons Carphone plc, a Europe-wide company. All handsets, contracts and accessories you buy through are authentic.

    Who owns is part of Dixon Carphone plc, Europe’s largest mobile phone retailer.

    Are phones unlocked?

    No matter what handset you purchase, they all come unlocked meaning you can insert a sim from any network.

    Why is so cheap? offers low prices because of its buying power and low overhead (it's online-only, so it doesn't spend money on maintaining a network of shops). As a mobile phone reseller, it buys new and refurbished handsets wholesale at reduced prices from a network, then passes the savings on to customers.

    When can I shop for a mobile phone deal with

    You can shop at any time, as is a totally online operation, available 24/7. If you're thinking about upgrading, you'll only be able to do that at the end of your current contract – though some providers allow you to upgrade early.

    The Upgrade page has a handy outline of how early you can upgrade with some of the major service providers.

    Can I return a handset I bought from

    Yes, but you'll need to do it within 14 days of receipt and return your products in their original packaging. You can find full details of the returns policy on the site.

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    Even though we do our best to keep the information on this page up-to-date, it may be out of date from time to time.