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mta_walters wrote on 28 September 2017

Great deal and an excellent platform!

I took advantage of the Moneyfarm offer earlier this year just before the ISA deadline. The initial investment, direct debit and cashback all went very smoothly. I did have to raise a claim to get the cashback sorted but it was resolved quickly. The Moneyfarm platform is setup very well and it is easy for a novice to get started for the first time. People using this platform should understand that their money is at risk - you are investing over the longterm so do not panic over the dips!

Overall rating 5 stars

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user1409367 wrote on 26 June 2017

Would strongly recommed

I signed up to the offer where you invest £900 for three months to get £200 cashback. Although it initially didn't track and I raised claim, it was approved very quickly. This morning, three months later my cash back was confirmed, which is excellent as I was a bit sceptical. I don't have any experience in investments but decided to sign up anyway. The website is very easy to use, everything is explained well and I like the design too. It is as simple as I give them my money and they invest it in whatever they think is appropriate based on series of questions they asked about me. I can't praise them enough at the moment as they delivered what they said they will in terms of cash back and my account seems to be doing quite well.

Overall rating 5 stars

sheffkid wrote on 30 May 2017

Good investment Pays out fast

Fantastic deal...

Overall rating 5 stars

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Overall rating 3.5 stars

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