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aJosephs wrote on 06 June 2016

Quick payment, well priced

Highly recommend these guys, great offers, quick delivery and fast payment. Much cheaper than anything I've found on the high street.

Overall rating 5 stars

user2439662 wrote on 19 May 2016

Really bad experience

Aside from the fact the cash back was turned down, the item I was sent was damaged in the post and unusable. These things happen, but what I didn't expect was the lack of communication, lack of assistance and general poor experience as a customer. I had to chase for a response, chasing up correspondence which was left without reply. After initial efforts it was determined my purchase wasn't damaged sufficiently to warrant a full refund, because the evidence I submitted didn't show it sufficiently. No request was made to clarify the issue, again I had to choose to send further evidence. I then had to pack up the item (a bag of leaking powder) and ensure someone was in to pick it up while waiting for a replacement. Given the order had cost close to £90, and I received no proper apology or any attempt to make up for the hastle, I no longer use the company. This is a shame, they have been great in the past but this experience really soured my view of them. It was compounded by the requests by automated email soon after to rate my experiences with the company, as well as the subsequent refusal of my cash back claim. Really disappointing sadly.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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