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dBissell wrote on 14 August 2017

Ten months to decline my claim

Great insurance product but should have had £65 cashback, chased this up twice and then 10 months later they declined it saying I had received cashback from another source! I only used Quidco for my pet insurance and didn't go via anywhere else. didn't challenge but won't go through them again on Quidco. length of time taken to make a decision is far too long and not good service and certainly not an incentive to go to More Than again.

Overall rating 3 stars

tronads wrote on 09 May 2018

MoreThan insurance, LessThan satisfied.

Purchased MoreThan Pet insurance, tracked immediately as "MoreThan", and then 6 months later got declined. Claim raised and it then was reclassified as "MoreThan Pet Insurance". Several months later, claim declined. No reason given. To say I am pissed off with MoreThan is an understatement. Very likely they have lost my custom forever/

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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aKeen14328 wrote on 24 July 2017

Cash back declined, and Lied about.

After waiting 7 months for my promised cashback to clear, it was mysteriously declined at the last second. £60 is a lot of money so I put in a claim and was told this would take another 7 month potentially! So my initial policy would have expired by the time I had an answer! Anyway, have just been informed my cashback was declined due to using another cash back provider? Well this is rubbish as quidco it the only company I use. Do not expect your cashback, cheap trick to lure customers in.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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