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user1983913 wrote on 18 May 2018

Brilliant - will definitely use again

This was my first online grocery shopping experience & have to say it was wonderful as I didn't have to leave the house, struggle to find a parking space, encounter people or pack my own bags - so win, win! The site is easy to navigate & love the recipe suggestions & the simplicity of the link to all the ingredients that are needed to make it. After my order was placed I was kept up to date with e-mails & on the day of my delivery I was sent a text message confirming my time slot & advising me of my drivers name & what his vehicle registration number would be & that none of my items were missing. My delivery arrived within the first 10mins of my slot time, the lad was very friendly & polite. For simplicity of unpacking, items were in labelled bags 'cupboard' & 'fridge' Although you are initially charged for your bags, you are refunded when you give them back to your driver on your next delivery. The complimentary gingerbread man was a nice touch :-) You can save money by getting a Delivery Pass where you pay a monthly amount & have access to unlimited deliveries (they offer Anytime Pass 7 Days a week SAVE up to: £90 a year or Midweek Pass Tues - Thurs SAVE up to: £121 a year) The only negative for me was the sell/use by dates. When I shop I always go for longer sell/use by dates due to living alone & not being able to use certain things within a couple of days. All the items I had were dated for that week. Now, if I were a family it wouldn't be an issue as there would be enough of us to use it up, but with there being just me, there was no way I could use all that produce in less than 7 days. I ended up having to put some stuff in the freezer so that it wouldn't go to waste, but there were some items that couldn't be frozen. I have e-mailed Morrisons Customer Services about this to see if it's possible on my future orders that items can be selected with a longer sell/use by date on them.

Overall rating 5 stars

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Midland1 wrote on 04 April 2018

Cashback declined for no reason

Another retailer who has declined cashback for no reason, simply because they can, and there is nothing you can do about it - they simply decline a certain number of cashback pay-outs just to keep costs down and sadly they are entirely within the law to claim they will pay you cashback and then to simply refuse to do so. As for the Morrisons delivery experience - there's nothing better or worse than any of the other online supermarkets - delivery at a reasonable time costs about £5. As with other supermarket home delivery experiences your fresh foods come with very soon use-by/best before dates and that's because they want to get rid of that stock so they give it to online delivery shoppers who are unable to choose the items they buy personally unlike in store shoppers who can look at the dates on packs and choose ones with longer use-by/best before dates. It's a sneaky underhand practice to get rid of stock approaching it's use-by/best before dates but it's a practice common amongst all online supermarkets for delivery orders.

Overall rating 1 stars

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Steve752 wrote on 28 November 2018

Morrisons Delivery Charge

I did not make a purchase as delivery charge was too expensive for 1 item.

Overall rating 0 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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