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Mr Beam Cashback & Offers

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More about Mr Beam

Lasercutting as simple as possible and accessible to everyone!
We have set ourselves as the goal Lasercutting technology for everyone to offer. Based on these principles, we are the European Pioneer for Desktop Laser Cutter:

The security in the application is given at any time
The use of the Mr Beam is very easy and a technical know-how is not necessary

For us, the Mr Beam user is the focus at all times

We offer the elegant and user-friendly tool the Easy entry in digital production and support the trend of individualization of series products. Our Mr Beam Laser Cutter also offers the ideal entry into the small business.

How everything started
Behind every product there is often a problem that needs to be solved. That's exactly how it started with Mr Beam. The technical hurdle of using a laser cutter was simply too great, so frustration quickly set in for our founder Teja. At that time, the fascinating technology was only reserved for industry and a simple software solutionthat does not work across platform. Many laser cutters were controlled via printer drivers, and no solutions were available for the Apple and Linux operating systems. A use at home was unimaginable.