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user3992896 wrote on 25 October 2016

Product was excellent, but cashback was wrongfully declined!

I was really pleased with my purchase and the quality of the canvases I purchased and they did arrive within good time, however I never got my cash back as promised which I'm extremely annoyed about. When Quid Co investigated the matter, this company lied and said the referral commission has been paid to someone else not Quid Co because i was referred from somewhere else. This is a complete lie, they just want to get out of paying and can do so as they are not obliged to tell Quid Co where I was referred from which was nowhere! Great products, but I will definitely not be making any further purchases from them out of principle!!

Overall rating 3 stars

Laidlaw06 wrote on 30 January 2017

Totally Disappointed

I read the positive reviews and thought I could trust this retailer. I purchased 2 x very large canvasses of the same picture, but one was in black and white. I also purchased a black and white acrylic. I had to raise a claim as none of the transactions tracked and the outcome was the claims were declined by the merchant. Effectively costing me £25 cashback. I would never recommend this retailer neither would I use them again

Overall rating 2 stars

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armelefr79476 wrote on 15 February 2017

Purchase made in April 16 - still waiting for cashback!

Made a purchase with them 10 months ago and I'm still waiting for the cashback they promise! That's not great at all!

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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