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More about MyBOOBRisk

MyBOOBRisk provides women aged 20 and older who have yet to attend their first breast screening mammogram with a safe and reliable online evaluation of their breast cancer risk in strict adherence to national clinical guidelines.

MyBOOBRisk utilises clinically validated state-of-the-art statistical modelling and AI to determine and monitor on an annual basis the personal risk profile of a young woman, incorporating the major factors that can affect her chance of developing breast cancer at an early age, including general and personal information, medical conditions, family history, and genetic preconditioning.

Although physically checking your breasts is important and should be carried out on a regular basis, it is not sufficient on its own and needs to be supplemented with knowledge of your breast cancer risk. Only a very small percentage of women are classified as being high-risk within the general population; it does not mean that you will be diagnosed with, or ever develop, breast cancer in your lifetime. It does, however, give you a unique opportunity to take action early if you are. Alternatively, if you are at average or moderate risk, you can be confident that you are actively managing your breast health.