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Nikkel Art

About Nikkel Art

Nikkel Art is the number 1 in personalized wall decorations. We are passionate about designing original and beautiful photo decoration perfectly suited for each type of interior. Ideal for in a home, in an office, in a retail space, a catering establishment, etc.

Last updated Oct. 31, 2022
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    Shopping Nikkel Art

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    Are you looking for some inspiration to brighten up your space? Discover Nikkel Art for artistic wallpapers, photographs, and other products to elevate your interior look.

    Nikkel Art has wall décor products for every personality and style, and custom builds each one to ensure a perfect fit for a customer’s space. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to produce error-free wall decorations that stand the test of time. Start browsing Nikkel Art’s product catalogue to find the perfect printed wall decoration for your home or office interior.

    Liven up your space with Nikkel Art wallpapers

    Wall painting limits your design options, while high-quality wallpapers let you achieve any interior décor you desire. Nikkel Art wallpapers come in various styles to achieve any desired look. If you are unsure about the right wallpaper design for your space, browse Nikkel Art’s collection of photos to find an inspired piece for your interior.

    Nature, abstract, flora, landscape, architecture, and other artistic design options are available. Enter the size you want your wallpaper printed and other specifications, and Nikkel Art will deliver a print that perfectly fits your walls.

    Put some art in your life

    Get gorgeous photos on canvas from Nikkel Art. Choose between single canvas pictures and two-, three- or four-panel framed canvasses. Options for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, commercial spaces, and more are available, and you can get them in various sizes and shapes.

    Each product features a high-quality photograph that celebrates every detail in vibrant colours and with a glossy finish. If you prefer black and white art, such options are also in stock. Aside from canvas prints, you can buy acrylic, aluminium, textile frame, paintings on glass, and more. All options have a UV-resistant surface that ensures your piece stays beautiful for decades.

    Nikkel Art splashbacks

    Kitchen splashbacks protect your kitchen walls from water that splashes from the sink. Compared to similar products, Nikkel Art kitchen splashbacks offer even more protection by shielding your walls against splashing hot oil and heat.

    Aside from kitchen splashbacks, Nikkel Art has options for bathrooms and other wet spaces. Choose from various design options to achieve your preferred aesthetics. The company makes all of its splashback products with high-quality and durable materials. Other products for waterproofing and beautifying your bathroom are Nikkel Art blinds and tiles.

    The one-stop-shop for all your wall décor needs

    Nikkel Art is the preferred seller of wall decorations because its products are competitively priced, eco-friendly, and feature a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Decorating with eco-products protects not just the environment, but also you and everyone who enters your space.

    Shop online today and enjoy free delivery on all orders that are of a qualifying amount.

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