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user3785553 wrote on 16 December 2016

Good retailer but declined cashback was unexpected & disappointing

Normans had the best price for a banjo I bought through Quidco but my cashback of £9 was declined for reasons that were simply not truthful, but nothing I could do about it. Be aware of this before you buy at their store online, via Quidco.

Overall rating 5 stars

lexctda61525 wrote on 13 July 2017

Good services and cash back tracking is disappointing

Waiting for 7 months and declined my claim for £17, saying it has been paid for another referrer. That's outrageous. Thought I got a good deal through cash back from Quidco but next time will buy from another retailer. Disapponting.

Overall rating 4 stars

pwilkie wrote on 14 July 2017

Unreasonable declining of cash back

In December 2016 I bought an expensive digital piano from Normans Musical Instruments, and should have been due approximately £25 cash back via Quidco. The retailer declined to pay this, advising us that the cashback had been paid to another referrer. This is not true. I would not use this company again, and caution others against assuming they will get the cash back.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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