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digitalideas wrote on 23 March 2016

Speedy at first

Service good and tracking was fast - payment like with my other earlier O2 purchase was very slow. I'd now think more carefully on buying with o2 through Quidco and may choose an alternative network in future.

Overall rating 4 stars

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cosracer69108 wrote on 06 June 2016

O2 Tablet

I made the purchase on 30th Dec 2015, the transaction tracked OK and the goods arrived soon after, however I am STILL WAITING for the cashback 6 MONTHS LATER, I have contacted Quidco about this but they just say 'awaiting decision from the retailer', this is wholly unacceptable, especially as I upgraded to premium to get it quicker !!!

Overall rating 3 stars

monkeypony wrote on 24 January 2018

Payment tracked, then nothing

I purchased a tablet contract around eight months ago and although it tracked pretty quickly, I am yet to receive my cash back. I contacted Quidco support and was sent a link to a stock answer, which was no help whatsoever.

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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