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Ocado Cashback & Offers

Up to 5.5% cashback

Ocado Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

Get tasty tipples for less, in the beer, spirit, and wine sale

+ Up to 5.5% Cashback

Get tasty tipples for less, in the beer, spirit, and wine sale

+ Up to 5.5% Cashback

| Expires in 19 hours

Save up to 50% off hundreds of products

+ Up to 5.5% Cashback

| Expires in 2 days

£10 Bonus when you opt in and spend £70 or more. Limited for the first 1,500 opt ins

+ Up to 5.5% Cashback

| Expires in 19 hours

Online cashback rates


5.5% cashback

for new customer orders over £90


4.4% cashback

for all new customer orders under £89.99


1.1% cashback

for existing customer orders over £90 (up to 5th shop)


1.1% cashback

for existing customer orders under £90 (up to 5th shop)

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More about Ocado

Ocado cashback

Ocado is an online supermarket store that allows you to choose from a selection of groceries, usually at a more discounted price to what you’d find in a supermarket, and delivers to your door. 

First established in 2000, while working in partnership with Waitrose, Ocado has gone on to release an app for Iphone and Android in 2009 and 2010 respectively. 

With Quidco, you can get cashback on selected purchases with Ocado, as well as other discounts and offers. Make sure to check back regularly to the Quidco website, as these deals are constantly updated. 

5 reasons to shop with Ocado

A great selection of products

Everything you’d usually find in stores like Tesco or Sainsbury’s, you can find on Ocado, plus a range of M&S food items at a cheaper price than in store.

Don’t let the cheaper price deter you, as the quality of the products is still the same.

Quick and convenient 

Ocado has 1-hour delivery slots, so you can select a range of times each day, meaning you won’t need to wait around for hours wondering where your order is.

They also deliver straight to your door for quick and convenient shopping. 

Available for everyone 

As Ocado has an app that is compatible with both Iphone and Android, there’s really no excuse not to download the app. It’s very easy to just open the app and begin shopping!

Very easy to use

As each item is categorised, it makes shopping so much easier, preventing you from  wandering the aisles in search of an item, or scrolling through every part of the website trying to find a specific product.

Quality guaranteed

Ocado assures great quality and daily fresh products delivered straight to your door, all day, seven days a week. It stocks food from M&S, and works in partnership with them, assuring the quality of their products.

Top tips for shopping with Ocado

Ocado has a selection of multi-buy deals, meaning you can get multiple items for a fixed price, such as any two food items for £4. Make sure to make the most of this. 

Ocado also has a smart pass membership scheme, which enables you to save money on deliveries and avoid delivery charges.

You can also be the first to receive product samples and gifts, and receive exclusive discounts and offers of up to 10% off. You’ll also get priority for Christmas delivery, enabling you to avoid the festive rush. 

You can also make shopping even easier with their ‘easy shopping’ section, which includes the ability to reserve your most convenient delivery slot and pre-fill your basket with your regular shopping items. You can also create a shopping list online. 

Customer support available 

Not only can you email Ocado with any questions or problems you may have, they also have a helpful ‘get in touch’ page, where you can get updates on your delivery, request a refund or find a variety of ways to contact an Ocado representative. 

Whether through chat, email or by calling their support number, you can be assured that someone will be on hand to help you. 

Ocado cashback deals and discounts available

Ocado has its very own ‘offers’ tab on its website, where you can find multibuys, meal deals, half price items and more, as well as £20 off your first order when you spend more than £60. 

Through Quidco, you can also get cashback of up to 4% and further Ocado discount offers. Enjoy cashback rates of up to 4% for new customers and 2.4% cashback for existing customers up to your 5th shop.

Head to the Quidco website to view the deals on offer, which are updated regularly. 

Similar cashback deals like Ocado 

Enjoy up to 15% cashback for select items with Tesco Groceries as well as a selection of vouchers through Quidco. You can also get £10 cashback for new grocery orders that you order through click and collect, with a minimum spend of £40. 

Alternatively, get £1 cashback on orders between £40-£99 with Waitrose & Partners, or £3 cashback on orders with £100 or more. 

Ocado Cashback FAQs

When will I get my cashback and how?

Simply click through to the website and start shopping. Upon purchase, your cashback is tracked in around 12 hours, and you can receive payment in less than 4 months. 

Does Ocado offer student discount?

Ocado sometimes gives discounts to students, however this is not a regular occurrence, so make sure to constantly check the website to see if you’re in luck. 

How do I get an Ocado smart pass?

Click onto the ‘smart pass’ tab on their website and read more information about smart passes, including what you’re entitled to with one, and what Ocado discount offers you can receive with one.

You can also choose a monthly, six month or annual smart pass based on your preference.