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user3917442 wrote on 18 April 2016


Wouldn't use any other hosting service. I charge my clients £10 hosting charge and end up getting £5 back, can't go wrong!

Overall rating 4.5 stars

dhanishta wrote on 06 June 2016

NO Cashback Paid , Poor product support

First of all the significant amount of cash back was declined , which was one of the reasons i went for,not the cheapest product around either, excuse given cannot confirm referrer and the cookie excuse , it is a very poor blatant excuse as i have been a member of quidco for over 9 years, p, product support too has been poor very abrupt , i wont been renoewing with them in the end , be warmed thir first year free is not exactly free i had to pay £9. + on other charges apparently the second year is £23+ on the second year , no thanks!!!

Overall rating 1 stars

saomair wrote on 29 June 2017


Fast Track

Overall rating 0 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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Cashback not available