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Dr_Mosh wrote on 08 May 2019

Why list cashback then? No cashback will be received. Such a shame.

Just been told my cashback was declined from Otterbox and that they do not offer cashback, which is nice seeing as I spent £50 on a case which can easily be bought elsewhere at half the price. Why then does this company appear on the cashback list? mystery, save your £s and go elsewhere through a retailer. The case wasn't great either the clear back scratches easily.

Overall rating 1 stars

mReadshaw wrote on 05 February 2019

Otterbox and Quidco Customer Support

I spent £85 on two Symmetry I phone cases from I believed "Otterbox" using the Quidco link and should have received the advertised 7% cash back.This was declined by "Otterbox" when I queried this Quidco stated that they could do nothing about it and I received the following response from "Otterbox" "Thank you for contacting us back. I do apologize that we are not associated with any of the cash back rebate website programs. You will need to contact them directly in order to get any cash back rebate that is due to you." Wish I had not bothered with either, as I could have bought the identical same cases on eBay for £18 each. Very disappointed with both companies customer support. This review is factually correct and Otterbox have apologised and now accept they are associated wit Quidco still waiting for my 7% cash back from them.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1 stars

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