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user3518604 wrote on 13 April 2018

No problems - excellent service

Had no problems with cashback from Oxfam. Makes doing cashback worth it with the amount offered. Took around 45ish days. Excellent service and paid fast.

Overall rating 5 stars

llewandlucy wrote on 19 June 2017

Refused cash back!

I am so annoyed about this. I made a VERY considered purchase of a pair of much longed-for pair of Louboutin shoes for £180. Now the pain of spending out such a large amount of money was of course eased by knowing the money was going to charity but also by thinking that I would receive £20 cash back. The cash back didn't track, I put in a claim, I have the receipt email, Quidco know that I made the purchase through them (or I wouldn't be able to leave this review) and yet my claim was denied. Don't offer cash back if you are not going to honour it! And they took so long to reply to the claim (3 months!!) that I couldn't even return the shoes. So flipping annoying!!

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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