Parcels Please

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Shopping Parcels Please

Parcels Please, a brand of Consolidated Carriers Ltd. (CCL), is an international delivery service based in the UK. The company, founded in 1999, offers reliable international delivery services at affordable prices. 

They work with leading worldwide logistics companies such as Parcel Force and DHL to provide door-to-door services. Parcels Please currently sends over 1 million parcels annually.

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Parcels Please tracking

Parcels Please has a dependable tracking system that ensures successful delivery to many destinations around the globe.

Once you have booked and paid for your shipment, the company will send you an email with a tracking link to confirm the transaction. The link helps you track the location and shipment status of the parcel using the ‘Advanced Tracking’ feature on the company homepage.

Parcels Please delivery and prices

Parcels Please delivers parcels not only in the UK and to various destinations in Europe, but also across the globe. Popular destinations include Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and the USA.

Prices vary according to the dimension, weight, and UK postcode from which you are sending your parcel. Shipments to and from extended areas incur extra charges. Parcels Please recommends that customers pack their boxes protectively inside and out to ensure that they withstand the rigours of transit.

If you are in doubt about packing your parcel or international requirements, you can contact their customer service department from their website or call them on 01292 310 410.

Parcels Please 5% off on Prepay

PrePay is a quick check out process that helps regular shippers save time during the booking process and is an excellent alternative to paying with a credit or debit card.

Use the link on the website or visit your Parcels Please account to top up your PrePay account. Enter the amount you’d like to top up (minimum top-up amount £20, maximum top-up £300) and then complete your deposit via Sagepay.

Parcels Please will send you an email to confirm that the top-up was successful. Your PrePay funds are valid for 12 months after which any remaining balance will expire. Additionally, you cannot use your credit card to make partial payments on PrePay.  You must have sufficient funds in your PrePay account for the full value of the shipment, including VAT payable.

For every order booked using the PrePay service, a 5% discount automatically applies at checkout.

Get Parcels Please cashback

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