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user2763593 wrote on 04 September 2017


I think this is the fastest I have received cashback! Order placed outside of working hours on Wednesday, cashback ready for payment on Saturday. Transaction was straightforward, and even though I had items that required review (veterinary products) the order was received on Friday. All in all, blown away by this experience. Thoroughly recommended.

Overall rating 5 stars

xjellybaby61616 wrote on 16 December 2016

No longer a customer

Used Pet Planet on several occasions and once received an opened bag of dog food. That was replaced by Pet Planet but came several days later which was an inconvenience! Anyway, I thought it was a one off but it happened again recently. They sent me another replacement and the replacement was damaged too. So I had to exchange emails and phone calls with them for the next two weeks. I had to ask for a refund and we then went round and round in circles and all I wanted now was a refund which only was processed once I called again to ask what was happening with my refund. Customer support was poor, apart from one lady who I dealt with in the end - she was very helpful. The others did not seem to communicate with each other at all and just made me go round and round in circles when all I wanted was a refund and to buy my dog food elsewhere as I couldn't get a decent sealed bag from Pet Planet.

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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