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user1197902 wrote on 03 August 2017

Declined cashback

Currently disputing declined cashback, it really bugs me that you are not given a reason straight away. However I cannot complain about the actual broadband service or speed.

Overall rating 5 stars

alanros8890411 wrote on 12 January 2017

PlusNet Transfer

Am in the process of transferring from BT to Plunet - effective on 31.1.2017 - main reasons for changing were financial and better services provided by Plusnet (which is a BT associated company). Saving about £200 in the first year. Each of the services on which I made my decision were much cheaper - eg. Line Rental Saver, Fibre Broadband (unlimited broadband), unlimited tel calls (including some mobile). Recommend you check out and compare PlusNet services with your current ISP.

Overall rating 5 stars

etadeu wrote on 22 November 2016

A happy customer (touch wood...)

I decided to move from Sky to Plusnet as they were offering free broadband for a year with £50 cashback and Quidco were offering a further £110 cashback. Plusnet paid out by cheque fairly quickly, but the Quidco cashback claim was rejected. Maybe it would have gone through if I hadn't claimed the £50. Anyway, about 4 months later Quidco emailed to say the cashback claim was rejected due to an error on their part and they've now kindly paid out as a goodwill gesture. Thanks, Quidco! As for Plusnet, the switch-over was delayed from my requested start date for some reason, but when it happened it went smoothly. The ADSL connection is usually slightly faster than my LLU connection with Sky. For the first couple of months it was a bit unreliable and I had to do frequent router restarts, but it has settled down now and I haven't had any problems at all for the last few weeks. So, it took some time to get things sorted out, but I'm now a happy customer.

Overall rating 5 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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