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Last updated Mar. 29, 2023
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    Shopping Plusnet Mobile

    What network does Plusnet Mobile use?

    Plusnet Mobile is one of the many mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), which means they provide access to a wireless network infrastructure that Plusnet Mobile does not own. So when you’re using Plusnet Mobile, you’re accessing the EE network. EE provides 80% geographic and 99% population 4G coverage throughout the UK. 

    Make bills easy with Plusnet Mobile offers

    Mobile phone bills can be a pain in the neck. But with Plusnet Mobile, getting your cellular plan covered has never been simpler, thanks to special Plusnet Mobile sales. 

    With the Plusnet Mobile SIM-only plans, you can choose your SIM and the best deal for your lifestyle, and away you go. Now you get to easily keep your number and sign up with Plusnet Mobile service. If you also use them for your broadcast needs, you’ll get an extra 2GB of data on your plan as well. 

    And because Plusnet Mobile sales provide so many more opportunities to get the same speeds for less, you can expect to save no matter what kind of arrangement you have, including with one of their Plusnet Mobile 12-month contracts. 

    Award-winning Plusnet Mobile coverage

    When you sign up for Plusnet Mobile broadband, you’re getting award-winning support and service beamed straight to your device. Plusnet Mobile offers faster 4G download speeds than any of its competitors, with an average download/upload speed of 33.7/8.9Mbps. 

    And you can expect those rates to only go up, with the EE infrastructure branching out into 5G. Whether you’re using a Plusnet mobile phone or tablet, you can expect lightning-fast connectivity that keeps you up to date and more connected than ever. 

    Who owns Plusnet Mobile?

    Plusnet Mobile operates via Plusnet PLC, one of the foremost British internet service providers that connect the UK with broadband, landline and mobile services. 

    Get Plusnet Mobile cashback

    Plusnet Mobile deals don’t start and end with coupons. If you want to get more bang for your buck with your Plusnet coverage, consider getting Plusnet Mobile cashback by shopping through Quidco. 

    Earning cashback has never been easier. Click ‘Get cashback’ at the top of the page, and get redirected to the Plusnet Mobile website. Once there, shop as you normally would, and make whatever purchases you want. After you’ve checked out, we’ll track and process your cashback, then deposit it directly to your Quidco account for your use.