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aid1985 wrote on 16 September 2016

Excellent Service and Cashback Confirmed Quickly

I initially clicked throught Quidco and got a quote and then also looked elsewhere - the people from Policy Expert then rang me up and offered me a better price and also confirmed I would recieve the quidco . I confirmed this was 100% confirmed and he said yes. If you can try and get a marker put down on the account that you have spoke to someone and they have confirmed its 100% guaranteed then its part of the contract of sale and you have some recourse if they dont pay. I was paid today 5 weeks after my policy start date , after seeing all the negtaive reviews about non paying i was a little worried but they have come through and paid me so I am made up. The policy was the cheapest anyway and the cashback is the icing on the cake ! Thanks

Overall rating 5 stars

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padginton wrote on 01 June 2017

Claim procedure is appalling!!! Be warned the cheaper insurance premiums comes at a cost

Had the need to make a claim and the customer service is absolutely horrendous. Our house was flooding, you log claim with Policy Expert it then takes 24hrs+ for the actual insurer to call you back - we had home emergency cover this was ignored and they would not action this. 28hrs later a call back, you the repeat the entire claim again to the insurer, advised that torrential rain and a roof giving way due to a ridge tile from neighbouring house landing on our roof and perforating it isn't some damage (that requires winds above 80mph) - file a complaint wait a further 24hrs for a callback. Repeat the whole thing again - then asked if we'd like to cancel the policy. In my experience they will do their utmost to frustrate you, speak to you in the most patronising tones, not call back and delay until you give up. 23yrs I have had home insurance, never once making a claim. I have spoke with 2 other insurers had we have been covered with them they would have sent out a roofer to make an emergency repair and then once quotes obtained would have repaired the roof. We have been left £2,400 out of pocket by choosing this company and are now pursuing them through the insurance ombardsmen.

Overall rating 4 stars

kathrynwilliams59 wrote on 04 May 2017


Cashback declined for no apparent reason - I still have the policy, have not made a claim so would not know whether insurance any good. Would not use again through Quidco would maybe try another cashback site if their quote was good.

Overall rating 4 stars

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Overall rating 1.5 stars

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