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user3964408 wrote on 29 December 2016

Really fast payment

Tracked quickly. Paid out within the month - nice bonus to our holiday money

Overall rating 5 stars

user3949325 wrote on 26 September 2016

They took almost 9 months to reject my claim with no good reasons

I bought some USD for a trip in January this year to top up my existing Post Office Travel Money card. I checked the terms and conditions (T&C) before the purchase, and was happy to find that there are no restrictions on existing customers, which applies to some other retailers. The cashback rate (£8) was attractive too. For some reasons the cashback didn't track (even though I'm sure I followed the right procedure --- I've had over 100 successful Quidco claims). Well, not a problem, I filed a claim, and waited. Now it's almost 9 months later, and Post Office Travel Money Card finally tell me the cashback claim is not successful. As of today, the T&C states that existing customers are not eligible for the cashback. Perhaps that's already the case back in January but they just didn't say it? I am not happy because Post Office Travel Money Card could have made it clear upfront that they're only interetsed in new customers, and not pull up some lame excuses 9 months later on why they're not paying. This is really disappointing customer experience. On the other hand, Quidco Customer Service has been brilliant though, and I know it's not Quidco's fault, so don't shoot the messenger! So I would say you can try this Travel Money Card cashback deal at your own risk. Who knows there are some other T&C they somehow forgot to include, and you may then end up in the same situation like me.

Overall rating 3 stars

Overall rating 4 stars

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