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PRESS Healthfoods are dedicated to 100% plant-based quality nutrition to help people live happier, more balanced lives.

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Last updated May. 14, 2024
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    Founded in 2014 in a bathtub in Old Street station, today we are proud to be an online delivery service and working with over 700 independent stockists all over the UK. Whilst living in LA and NYC respectively, PRESS co-founders Georgie and Ed developed a love for cold-pressed juice as a healthy part of their diets. They brought the concept back to London and sold their first juices out of a bathtub in Old Street tube station. Their mission? To become the biggest health food brand globally.

    We source the highest quality fruit and veg from G.A.P. Global certified farms, including the “wonky” ones, to ensure we deliver consistent, quality products that are safe, ethically sourced and set the standard for environmentally conscious farming practices. We have the best cold-pressed manufactoring plant in the world, by using cold pressure (HPP) we make our raw product safe and alive with enzymes and nutrients. We never heat treat or pasteurise. We never add preservatives, sugar or nasties.

 We take the whole, fresh fruit
. Press it, filter it, mix it and bottle it,
 all under one roof in under two hours, now that's fresh! Why cold-pressed? Research has proven that vitamin content diminishes over time in normal juice compared to cold-pressed juice. Whether it’s a pure veggie hit in the morning, a ginger shot in the afternoon to boost energy or a berry smoothie on the go, we are the healthy companion to your day.