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user2516670 wrote on 22 August 2017


I have used Printerland for a few years now and have not only found their level of service very high, but never had a Quidco cashback amount rejected.

Overall rating 5 stars

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PixilatedPepperpots wrote on 04 July 2016

Excellent Product, Excellent Service

When prices dropped I set about researching colour laser multifunction printers for home use. After several months I settled on the Xerox 6025. Ordered it & waited & waited and...seemingly endless delays from Xerox due to high demand. Printerland always kept me informed, always gave me the option to cancel the order or choose another model. I decided to wait because from its size, price & reviews this seemed like the perfect machine for me. I’m so glad I waited. Set up was easy for Windows, iPad3 & Mac via USB, but a bit trickier via WiFi. The mono display panel is clear & easy to use. The machine warms up very quickly, is very quiet & print quality is excellent. Even photos come out quite well, but colours are a bit intense – just reduce the settings before you copy or print. They are not as good as Inkjet, but they are good enough for inclusion in things like letters. Printerland's Customer Care was excellent throughout a process that potentially could have been very frustrating. Once the printer was in stock I received a call to say it was arriving the next day if that suited - it did and it did. I also had a tracking number so I could monitor its progress enroute to me. The cashback may seem a bit low, but this is cashback on fairly expensive goods so you get still get pounds rather than pence. Cashback tracking and payout was fine.

Overall rating 5 stars

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QuackingPlums wrote on 14 November 2016

Good retailer but don't rely on the cashback

My order was 'held' pending a phone call from one of their sales people who tried to up-sell me to a better unit. By doing so, this order was not considered to have been completed wholly online (despite it being completely out of my control) and as such, my cashback claim was declined. I don't know why they bother doing this, as their website was pretty good at helping me find my perfect printer out of the vast range that they sell. The printer came in its retail packaging only, with an address label attached to the outside. I imagine this would ordinarily be fine, since large printer boxes often have dedicated cutouts for lifting them, but sadly, my courier ignored these and decided to poke his own carry-holes instead. These holes evidently tore wide open and caused him to drop the whole package onto one corner, crushing it considerably. I raised this to Printerland (with photos), but they just assured me that the internal packaging would be sufficient to prevent any damage. I was surprised by this response, as I would expect the fuser unit and scanner glass to be quite delicate. As it turned out, the unit works but I now have no idea if the knock it received in transit has shortened its life somewhat. The pricing at Printerland is good, but the experience has been marred by my cashback claim being declined through an action over which I had no control. Printerland would not be my first choice for any subsequent purchases.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

Overall rating 4.5 stars

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