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odonnell wrote on 28 December 2016

Poorly packaged item broken

Ordered a printed mug as a Christmas present on 16th December, arrived a week later on 23rd December which would have been fine but unfortunately the mug had been placed in a cardboard box with no other packaging resulting in the handle broken off! No time now to receive a replacement before Christmas :(

Overall rating 2.5 stars

user1266782 wrote on 18 May 2017


Made a purchase that did not track after clicking through from here. Raised a claim which was then declined. Having had an online chat with Quidco they informed me that the cash back has been paid to another referrer. I do not see how this is possible whatsoever. Very poor from printerpix and I shall advise everyone not to use them again.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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