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Protect My Pet

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Never forget your pet’s healthcare again with our brand leading flea and worming treatments posted direct to your door at the time that they are due!





As a team of vets, here at Protect My Pet we know first hand that owners can struggle to remember to apply their flea and worming treatments every month, leaving their pets (and their families) at risk of serious illness and disease.


That's why we deliver market-leading flea and worming treatments, tailored to the pets needs, straight to the owners door every month.  Our motto is simple - when it arrives in the post it's time to dose! Owners will never miss a dose again.


Not only this, but our monthly subscription model enables pet owners to spread the cost of their treatments throughout the year.  And if you still need convincing... we're cheaper than most vets and we ship anywhere in the UK! 


Just follow the links to Protect My Pet on this page to find out how much you could save and earn cashback on your first box today!