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Protein World

About Protein World

Tone up, bulk up or work at weight loss goals with Protein World and earn cashback when you shop via Quidco. Protein World is well-established as one of the UK’s favourite brands for protein supplements, and it’s become a go-to for high-protein products specially tailored for different goals. And thanks to our Protein World cashback offers, you can get an even better deal, whatever your lifestyle ambitions are.

Last updated Sep. 1, 2023
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    Helpful Information

    Shopping Protein World

    Why shop with Protein World?

    Protein World is a British company that makes specialist supplement products for both men and women with a range of different goals, whether you’re aiming to lose weight, get leaner or build muscle. As well as protein shake mixes, including Protein World’s signature bestseller Slender Blend, the brand makes a huge range of supplements and related products.

    With an easy-to-use website, Protein World groups its different products under three categories that make it simple to find the right ones for you: Weight Loss, Tone and Muscle. And when you shop through Quidco you could combine your health and fitness goals with some added cashback, or get a deal with our Protein World discount codes.

    Start a weight loss journey

    Lots of protein supplement brands focus on bulking up – but Protein World has a particular emphasis on weight loss products. The company’s bestselling signature product is its Slender Blend shake mix, which comes in a variety of tasty flavours, and Protein World’s Weight Loss range includes all kinds of complementary goodies.

    Along with meal replacement shakes there are pancake mixes, one-the-go snack bars, flavoured protein porridge, and special capsules, including Protein World’s popular Fat Metabolisers. And as well as individual products you can cover all bases with specially designed plans that bundle products together and give you special guidance.

    The Slender Plan is formulated to make your regime easy to follow by giving your weight loss plan structure and keeping you from getting bored. And it even includes extras like a shaker, special tea and a PDF guide giving you step-by-advice for your weight loss journey. You can customise your plan for your lifestyle and dietary requirements too.

    Fuel your workout

    If your aim is to build mass rather than lose it, Protein World still has you covered though. After all, the clue’s in the name. And as well as the classic whey protein powder that’s a staple of muscle-building, Protein World’s Muscle range brings together a host of products designed to help you fuel and make the most of workouts.

    There are pre-workout boosters, muscle definition supplements and even hair health capsules for men. In short, Protein World’s Muscle range is your first stop for just about any kind of workout supplement you could want.

    Aim for muscle tone

    If it’s muscle tone rather than bulk that you’re aiming for, there’s a range for that too. Protein World’s Tone range is specifically designed to help you sculpt lean muscle and get the definition you’re looking for.
    Alongside flagship products like Slender Blend, there are goal-specific ones like Protein World’s Lean Muscle capsules and Toner capsules, which combine different nutrients and supplements such as creatine.
    And, like the other ranges, there are special toning bundles, such as the Bums & Tums Collection. These bundles give you a combination of several different products with the option of either buying once or subscribing for three, six or 12 months to save money. Add in a Protein World cashback deal and you get an even bigger deal while you tone up!

    Supplements for all kinds of diet

    Once upon a time people thought a veggie diet meant low protein. And as for being vegan – you could forget it. Well, those days are no more. Most of Protein World’s products are both vegetarian and gluten-free, and loads are vegan.

    Where a major product isn’t vegan, you’ll often find an alternative. For example, the Vegan Blend gives a great alternative to the flagship Slender Blend for plant-based weight loss. And there are suitable muscle-building products too, such as pea protein isolate. You’ll even find gluten-free oats in Protein World’s porridge mixes.

    It’s easy to figure out which products are suitable for your dietary requirements too. Just choose your product range and hit the yellow filter bar at the top of the page. You’ll then be able to filter products according to your needs, whether you’re looking for lactose-free, halal or vegetarian. Just remember to get to the Protein World site using the links on this page so that you can earn cashback.

    Get diet inspiration and tips

    Sticking to a diet or a healthy-eating regime isn’t always easy, but Protein World’s got your back there too. It’s not just about the products – when you buy a plan you get specialist support along with it in the form of a guide and access to nutritional specialists who you can call for advice.

    But there’s more. Head to the Protein World site and you can get lots of great advice and tips. Check out the inspiring stories on the Transformation section to see how other people achieved their goals, and get great meal ideas from the Recipes section, which includes everything from quick smoothies to weekend breakfasts to treats and healthy dinners.

    You’ll find lots of ideas that make interesting use of Protein World products, but there are also innovative ways to pack a little more protein into everyday favourites or just revamp your healthy-cooking repertoire, from stuffed peppers and cauliflower rice to granola, cookies and recipes using Protein world pancake mix.

    Online shopping and delivery

    First of all, to make sure you can earn cashback on your Protein World buys, be sure to access the site using the links on this page. Once you land on the site it’s a simple case of choosing the range that’s most appropriate for you (Weight Loss, Tone or Muscle) and browsing for products.

    If you’re sure you want to commit to a regime long-term (say, for three months or more), and you’re going to use several different Protein World products, it could be worth looking at the plans and bundles. These usually include a combination of a meal replacement shake, capsules and another supplement. When you sign up for several months’ worth, you can often save money.

    However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this does mean committing to a larger purchase. Use a Quidco cashback deal or check this page for a Protein World discount code and you could get a deal either way.
    There are two delivery options with Protein World: next-day costs £5.99 and standard is £2.99, but delivery is free when you spend over £50 on an order (as with most shipping policies, that’s for the UK mainland, not including Northern Ireland).

    Standard delivery usually takes two to four working days, available Monday to Friday, and you’ll need to order before 3pm to make sure next-day delivery does arrive the following day.

    5 ways to make the most of your Protein World cashback

    Want to earn some cashback with Protein World but need some inspiration on making the most of it? Here are some ideas to get you started.

    1. Start the day with a protein-packed breakfast

    If you’re starting a new approach to eating, start it right with the most important meal of the day. Whether you’re going all-in on a Protein World plan or just fancy trying one or two of its products, there’s something to suit your needs. Try Protein World porridge for a filling breakfast in different flavours, pack in the protein with a pancake mix or try a shake and get a side of cashback with your breakfast.

    2. Get whey protein in your favourite flavour

    If you’re serious about building muscle, you’ll be familiar with whey protein powders. And you’ll also know that they don’t always taste that great. But here’s the good news: Protein World’s whey protein concentrate comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla versions that are renowned for being unusually tasty. If you prefer au natural, there’s a ‘naked’ unflavoured version too.

    And the Slender Blend comes in even more flavours, with seven to choose from. So, you can choose a bulk-builder or a weight loss shake that suits you and earn cashback.

    3. Whip up some guilt-free treats

    Losing weight doesn’t have to be about suffering. With its range of baking mixes Protein World gives you the ingredients for brownies, muffins, flapjacks and more that are all specially designed to be low in sugar and high in fibre.
    So, you can fit some sweet snacks into your regime with the double bonus of being guilt-free and earning cashback.

    4. Put your weight loss plan into practice

    One of Protein World’s most popular powders is its signature Slender Blend meal replacement shake, aimed at helping you with weight loss goals. But there’s a whole range of products in the Protein World Weight Loss range, including Fat Metaboliser and Hunger Buster capsules, as well as high-protein snacks and recipe mixes that combine a high protein content with a low-calorie count. So, if you’re thinking of a meal replacement plan, it’s all there to get you started. Why not do yourself a favour with a little cashback bonus?

    5. Stay in it for the long haul

    And if you want to make sure you stick at it, Protein World can help you stay on the right track to your weight loss goal. Its bundles and 30-day products can help set you up for a longer-term commitment, and Protein World plans come with specialised advice and guidance to answer questions and keep you motivated. Just the extra boost you need for weight loss success.

    Shopping with Protein World

    Still got a question about Protein World? We’ve answered some of the most common ones, so read on if there’s still anything you want to know, from shopping to product specifics.

    Where can I buy Protein World products?

    To earn cashback on Protein World products, you’ll need to buy them from the Protein World site by accessing it through the links on this page. Shop through the Protein World site and you can also get the widest range of products, as well as detailed information on ingredients, dietary needs and more.

    What is Protein World Slender Blend?

    Protein World’s Slender Blend is a meal replacement shake mix. It’s the brand’s bestselling signature product, mainly intended for weight loss. Protein World suggests that you can use the Slender Blend as a meal replacement, a post-workout shake or as a low-calorie snack. It comes in powder form – you just add it to water or milk and shake to mix it. You can try the Slender Blend in seven different flavours, from vanilla to white chocolate and raspberry.

    How many calories are there in Protein World shakes?

    Each serving of the Slender Blend has around 144 calories, with 23g of protein. Other shake mixes will differ, but you can find detailed nutritional information about every product on its page on the Protein World site.

    What are Protein World Toner Capsules?

    As the name suggests, Protein World’s Toner Capsules are part of its range intended to help you increase muscle tone. The capsules look like tablets and include a combination of vitamins, biotin and creatine, which is a popular supplement with people looking to build muscle, as well as other compounds. You can find full information on the ingredients and other details of Protein World Toner Capsules on the Protein World site.

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    Even though we do our best to keep the information on this page up-to-date, it may be out of date from time to time.