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More about Provacan

Established in 2017, Provacan CBD is the flagship brand of renowned cannabis research company CiiTECH. We are a science-led company that continuously puts resources back into research and industry innovation in an effort to give customers the very best CBD products for sale in the UK and EU.

Provacan’s parent company CiiTECH is a registered UK cannabis firm that partners with industry experts, scientists, biotech companies, and universities such as Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem (one of the epicenters of cannabis research and development). These connections have allowed Provacan to become the focal point of the CBD industry in the UK, where we work frequently with regulatory and professional associations to help share our knowledge and guide the way forward for consumers.

Provacan CEO and founder Clifton Flack has spent years immersed in the cannabis industry, and it is his ongoing passion with cannabis-based health that has helped drive the company forward in an increasingly competitive market.

“Everything we do is led by the latest industry research and innovation — and that’s exactly why so many customers trust us and our products. Just reading online recommendations from our loyal returning customers, [it] not only touches my heart, but it consistently validates the superiority in terms of the quality of our products.”

Using the knowledge and expertise of world-renowned CiiTECH researchers, the aim of Provacan CBD is to help, develop, innovate, and commercialise CBD products for residents across the UK and EU.

  • UNIQUE INNOVATION | The product development team at Provacan collaborates and consults with leading researchers and scientists to identify novel CBD formulas, innovative delivery systems, and advanced extraction techniques in an effort to create the market’s highest quality CBD products.
  • INSPIRING SCIENCE | This is not just a slogan; the vision of Provacan CBD oil products is based upon decades of scientific evidence and data-backed research – all of which is combined with end-user convenience and practicality in mind.
  • COMMITMENT TO TRUTH | From the inception of Provacan CBD in early 2016, we’ve dedicated a significant proportion of funds into revealing the true benefits of CBD. Based upon its rich history and unparalleled level of recent success, we have selected the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as our Gold Label Scientific Partner. Dr. Yosef Tam’s research team at the University’s Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research (MCCR) is considered among the best in the world, and our trail-blazing commitment to understanding how CBD works is evident across the entire Provacan product range – from our top-shelf oral CBD tinctures to our CBD e-Liquids and CBD balms.
  • PROVACAN CBD | Well-known for its scientific, research-backed pedigree, Provacan CBD oils have become a market leader across both the UK and the EU. Our unique CBD oil formulation is developed in collaboration with leading researchers and institutions in Israel.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE | Each and every Provacan CBD supplement is grown, manufactured, and produced under strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines. The production and distribution of our products is also fully compliant with British Healthcare best practice, as well as the quality standards set forth by the UK Cannabis Trades Association.
  • UK-CERTIFIED KOSHER CANNABIS OIL | As of 2018, Provacan CBD oil for sale is the only UK-certified kosher cannabis product in the United Kingdom. Both our 600mg and 1,200mg oral tinctures carry certification from the Kashrut Division of London Beth Din – the largest kosher certification agency in Europe and one of the top five largest in the world.
    Provacan CBD Oil UK: Organic Hemp, Precision Extraction, Top Quality Products

Like other top-shelf CBD oils for sale in the UK, our products here at Provacan have been extracted from hemp plant using the market’s most advanced alcohol extraction technique. Unlike other manufacturers, however (many of whom source their plant material from commercially-cultivated, low-quality bulk hemp supplies in India and China), our hemp is sourced in small batches from European hemp farms.

Many commercially-extracted CBD products are produced at an industrial rate under very high-temperatures in an effort to speed up the extraction process and minimize production cost. However, these practices often lead to degradation of the CBD compound by the time the final product makes it into the hands of the customer.

By extracting only in a low-temperature, low-pressure environment, we ensure that all Provacan CBD products contain the maximum amount of cannabidiol possible. And of course, each and every one of our products is sourced from the same premium-quality, organic supply of EU-grown hemp.