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kMaslakova wrote on 08 March 2018

Cashack declined straight away

I paid fro Breakdown cover last night. The cashback has been recorded. Not even 24 hours later, my cashback has been declined. Dont understand why. Doesnt matter £3 cashback really, but they offer 16% and then decline it straight away? Very disappointed.

Overall rating 3 stars

user4220706 wrote on 11 September 2017

No Cashback

Retailer refused cashback twice despite appeal, no explanation, didnt use the service at all as it was a short term breakdown policy. I shall not use this retailer again and will do everything in my power to warn others away! I should've had £17.

Overall rating 2 stars

chipanchan wrote on 23 March 2018

Avoid at all cost

QDOS declined my cashback. Upon raising a claim with Quidco to review, QDOS have again declined. I've complied with all their terms. They are untrustworthy.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 2 stars

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