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Bluemoon222 wrote on 07 April 2016

Cashback tracked within 24 hours,

Cash back tracked within 24 hours, and a very god amount to recieve for simply conducting an online quote, quite impressed

Overall rating 4.5 stars

simker wrote on 03 May 2016

no cash back

as others said, cashback declined with no reason and do not accept claims. this and they only sent 2 quotes means they are not worth bothering with.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

bobstar wrote on 11 April 2017

Absolute pants - do not bother with

Claim rejected for no reason and 'Claims are not accepted on this retailer'??!!! Avoid like the plague!! If a claim is rejected because it is abused or not followed correctly fair enough, but quidco should ban companies that simply state 'Claims are not accepted on this retailer' as it a complete and utter cop-out on their part, so theu can reject a claim out of hand and there is nothing we as consumers, or quidco as the broker can do, even if you're a premium member.

Overall rating 1 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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