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user2796832 wrote on 05 November 2016

They do not pay

I have had an outstanding payment since April when I booked a room at The Rubens at the Palace - London through Quidco .I have just been notified in November that they will not pay as they say I went through another source, which I did not. The hotel was paid for in total upfront before the visit. They should not be allowed to advertise any discounts if they have no intention of paying it. Very poor-will never book anything again with this organisation

Overall rating 2 stars

user3527335 wrote on 18 May 2017

Declined cashback for no reason

Paid over £850 for 3 nights at Duke of Richmond Hotel in Guernsey. Due to receive nearly £70 cashback. Declined for no reason.

Overall rating 1 stars

user34122 wrote on 15 May 2017

Cash back finally received!

After being declined cash back without any explanation, I am pleased to report they have now paid the full amount, which was a pleasant surprise after some 7 months. The hotel was excellent, as was the service, so being declined was very disappointing, but they came good in the end.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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