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DanJM wrote on 29 December 2016

Nice Shoes

I bought 3 shoes during Thanksgiving (2 Men, 1 Women), all of them are really nice looking and comfortable to wear. All of them delivered within the few days. Navigation on this site was very easy and able to filter based on my requirements.

Overall rating 4.5 stars

ballpointbunny wrote on 20 January 2017

Claim Unsuccessful

Genuine purchase not tracked, and claim declined. Poor quid experience. Very happy with the trainers and speed of delivery though!

Overall rating 3 stars

cpheonix wrote on 09 May 2017

Cashback not paid with no specifc reason why

Cashback declined for no reason other than "the sale will not be paid by the retailer". Bought things the usual way through Quidco etc. Because of this I would advise not to bother purchasing anything through Reebok directly because without the cashback their products are expensive, even the sale items.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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