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Rutland Cycling

Last updated Dec. 7, 2022
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    Rutland Cycling cashback

    Much like cars, many bikes have become electric. Rutland Cycling keeps up with the trends by offering electric and hybrid bikes, coupled with their regular road and mountain bike offerings. Having received several store awards, Rutland Cycling understands that the customer’s needs should always come first. That is why they have offered financing at 0% and free UK delivery.

    Whether you are cruising down a trail or hurtling down a mountain slope, Rutland Cycling has a wide range of bikes to meet your needs. With every purchase, you earn points that you can redeem online or in their store. Alternatively, you can rent one of their bikes.

    If you plan on buying a bike as a gift but don’t know what the right option is, you can always purchase a gift card. They even allow a 30-day test ride, allowing you to swap for a new model if you are unsatisfied. They offer custom builds and a workshop to service your bike.

    Rutland Cycling discount codes

    Apart from discounts on various bikes and providing 0% finance, Rutland Cycling has made the purchase of their bikes even easier on a customer’s wallet by offering voucher codes. You can redeem their vouchers only online and will do so by inputting the code at checkout.

    Moreover, you can also use the voucher codes online for bike rentals. Their voucher codes have a cash value of 0.0001.

    Rutland Cycling sales

    Whether you are looking for an electric bike, a mountain bike, or a regular trail bike, you’ll find it at Rutland Cycling. You’ll not only be impressed with their collection, but you will also be in awe of how many top brand bikes they have on sale. 

    They have reduced some of the bikes on sale by 30%. To make the purchase even easier, you can opt for financing at 0%. 

    Rutland Cycling trade-in

    You do not have to let your old bike go to waste. Take it with you to Rutland Cycling when you decide to purchase a new bike, and they will give you a discount on your purchase with their trade-in program. They may donate your bike to one of their community partners, so you know that your old bike is going to a good cause.


    Rutland Cycling ensures they offer a complete cycling experience by offering body protection accessories and helmets. You will find various helmets in different sizes and designs. Some of their helmets are also available at discounted prices.

    Rutland Cycling bike rental

    If you want only a day of fun on an electric or mountain bike, you can rent it from Rutland Cycling. They make the riding experience more enjoyable by offering route maps, child carriers, and refreshments. You can rent their bikes from various rental centres.

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    Take advantage of their cashback by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on the ‘Get cashback’ link. That will take you to their website, where you can continue your purchase. We will verify your purchase and transfer your cashback to your Quidco account.

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