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bboagey wrote on 23 March 2018

Takes a while

This takes a while, and you need to make sure you are careful to read the terms and conditions. The Safestore team are very co-operative though.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

user2306957 wrote on 17 January 2017

Good and bad

Safestore service was excellent helpful and friendly but the cashback is still to materialise - the Safestore unit was booked in July 2016 and 7 months later I still have not received any cashback

Overall rating 2.5 stars

user3825186 wrote on 04 April 2018

No payment made

Booked this online as it was a deal for an increased cashback. No payment has been made as they have declined it with no explanation. Would not have gone through SafeStore had I have known.....

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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