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visibaba wrote on 11 November 2016

Dont depend on cashback - read ALL the reviews first

Had to fight for honesty. If you're , patient, persistent but polite, you just might be lucky, many have not been! Make sure you read ALL the reviews to get a full picture. They're still showing irrelevant (3yr old) review at top of page, all the other 14 are negative. Product, price and promised cashback are all fine; actual cashback is a farce. Purchase date: 8/1/16 , tracked immediately, but at £35 not £45. Submitted claim: 11/1/16 for 'incorrect amount' Quidco actually send claim to Saga 20/2/16 (30 days after policy commencement) 13/5/16 (3 months later) nothing yet, so sent 'nudge' to Quidco. 28/9/16 (another 4 months) claim rejected , 'tracked at correct amount' . 16/10/16 calmed down, then complained politely but firmly: £35 is not 'correct amount', someone is not being honest and it's not clear whether it's Quidco or Saga; feedback shows many similar problems and they should show most recent review first, not 'best' first; perhaps A.S.A. should be told about false advertising from Quidco or Saga, and/or failure to honour advertised cashback? 2/11/16 'resolution found' , extra £10 confirmed . No explanation at all. The lack of any explanation at any time, and the time delays involved, imply a wish to avoid honouring their promises, and/or hope the customer will give up, on the part of both Quidco and Saga. This sort of farce ruins the reputation of both Quidco and Saga. I do hope they take heed of the reviews, advertise honestly and explain themselves better in future.

Overall rating 5 stars

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pspiers wrote on 26 May 2016

Combined Cashback £35 not £45

Just be aware that you may only receive £35 cashback for a combined Buildings and Contents policy and not the £45 that is advertised. Bear this in mind when you're looking for the Company with the best net cost. Still a good deal at £35 though, but leaves a slightly bad taste when you were expecting slightly more.

Overall rating 4.5 stars

georfred wrote on 28 July 2016

Cash back not as advertised

A good insurance policy. A pity the cash back was not as advertised only £35 for the combined policy instead of the £45 promised.

Overall rating 4 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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