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Sorry, we can't find anything to match that wrote on 31 May 2016

Does Not Pay Cashback

Took out Holiday Insurance which was no cheaper than anyone else. Cash back was deciding factor which was then not paid. If Cash Back becomes deciding factor then don't bother.

Overall rating 3 stars

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szekeres101 wrote on 14 March 2016

They dont pay up!

Thought by using such a well known company I would have no issues with the cashback but this definately isnt the case with Saga! Declined cashback so Quidco chased for Saga to say they had paid the cashback via another referral! I never used another referral, I only use Quidco! They wont share with Quidco who this supposed other referral was with either.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

garryhammond wrote on 01 July 2016

Beware this Saga trick to avoid cashback

I applied online for Saga travel insurance, which turned out to be quite expensive due to pre-existing medical conditions. Saga gave a good price relative to familiar-branded products, but not the cheapest. Having obtained an online quote, at the end of the online process instead of being asked for payment I was instructed to ring a telephone number whereupon I was asked to go through all the details again. Took about 30 minutes. I was then given another very slightly cheaper quote, and a small discount for providing details for a future motor insurance quote. I authorised payment over the phone. Not surprisingly the transaction did not track with Quidco, but I didn't check until I returned from holiday. Quidco doggedly chased this for me, full marks to them, but it was almost six months from the transaction before Saga paid up the cashback. BTW, I did not make any claim so cannot comment on Saga's claims handling. Moral: only buy if the product is right for you, and don't take cashback into account when making price comparisons. I

Overall rating 2 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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Cashback not available