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tootsie_10 wrote on 02 May 2018


I purchased a phone directly from the Samsung website and it all went smoothly, I was able to place my order rather easily. I also was helped when I needed additional information. My order came on time and in good condition with real time tracking. However, having used the Quidco link, I was expecting cashback but it didn't track. After a couple of days, I went on to file a claim as it still hadn't come up on my account. Fast forward a few months later and I receive an email that my claim was declined by Samsung as "cashback had already been paid to another referrer". I was so disappointed to see this as I only went through Quidco and they said nothing can be done about it. From the other reviews, I can see it's not just me who has experienced this. It seems Samsung never really gives cashback as advertised on this site. This needs to be reviewed.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

I am wrote on 08 September 2017

cashback not paid

I made a purchase via quidco which didn't tracked, put in a ticket through and now got a response back from quidco stating samsung has declined to pay the cashback as it's was paid to another referrer, am quite baffled by this as I don't know who this other referrer is, why were they allowed to obtain this commission fraudulently even though I went through quidco?, how was this referrer able to intercept the transaction process between me clicking through quidco and being on the samsung website?, how were they able to put in a false commission claim convincing samsung I came through them when I didn't?, it does need investigated as this is wrong

Overall rating 3.5 stars

user854349 wrote on 13 February 2019


Samsung initially sent the wrong item. Their customer service was shocking to say the least. I spoke to many many people at Samsung, most of whom didn't really understand that I had been sent the wrong item. Finally I found one very helpful lady helped but it took almost a week to find her. Eventually I received the correct item (3 weeks later). To add insult to the worst internet purchase (not the item, just the service) I have ever made they declined the cashback. No reason given.

Overall rating 3 stars

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Overall rating 3 stars

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