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Gemz4the1 wrote on 17 January 2017

Quick tracking

Whenever I buy from this website, it almost always tracks immediately (within an hour). Sometimes it takes a while for the transaction to be confirmed but when I ask Quidco Suooortnfor assistance they tell me that it is due to them not receiving an update/confirmation from the company (SimplyBe). The company itself has a lovely variety of clothes for larger boned women but my only complaint is that they do not cater for taller people - I think only about 5% of their clothing range is suitable for tall people.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

olip74 wrote on 27 March 2017

Unreliable tracking

3 purchases with this retailer over 3 years, 2 declined or untracked. Both claims were successful but hardly hassle-free cashback! Must do better.

Overall rating 3 stars

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user4322412 wrote on 01 April 2016

First time customer

Having used many business of this type over the years I have never found the service at any as bad as its been from simply be. Ordered three items all arrived ok but needed to change two. Two replacements have been delivered but they have not collected the originals now for 2wks but it should of been collected within 48hrs. Exchanged 7/8 emails and numerous like phone calls on an expensive 08 number. Still got parcel and getting no where with a company that seems to care very little about after sales.

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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