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Sky Broadband Upgrades Cashback & Offers

Up to £105 cashback

Sky Broadband Upgrades Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

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Online cashback rates


£95 cashback

for Sky Broadband Superfast with Wifi Guarantee


£80 cashback

for Sky Broadband Superfast

£105 cashback

for Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus with Wifi Guarantee

£105 cashback

for Sky Broadband Ultrafast with Wifi Guarantee

£90 cashback

for Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus

£90 cashback

for Sky Broadband Ultrafast

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More about Sky Broadband Upgrades

If you’ve had lofty thoughts about changing your broadband provider, Sky Broadband Upgrades enable you to take your entertainment to the next level. Are you tired of the original bundle? Consider upgrading to seven sports HD channels, 11 movie channels, and 300 Sky Box Sets at a price you can afford.

Sky broadband upgrade speed

When you upgrade your Sky Broadband speed, you will have access to faster minimum download speeds and many other benefits. No matter which broadband package you choose, you will still be eligible for Sky’s speed guarantee—every customer is valued.

If your broadband speed falls below your package’s minimum download speed for three consecutive days within a 30-day period, then Sky promises your money back. It will also credit you with a month’s broadband and talk subscription, including all possible call features.

This speed guarantee begins 14 days after Sky has activated your upgrade, a period that allows them to test your phone lines for the best possible performance.

Sky broadband upgrade router

The latest Sky Broadband Hub router is capable of speeds up to 1Gbps for a stronger Wi-Fi signal. The Sky Hub router also has smart power consumption features, allowing you to switch over to low-power mode whenever you are not using it.

The router is also compatible with Sky's buddy app. It allows you to apply age filters on every home device connected to the internet to safeguard your household.

If you are struggling with Wi-Fi speeds and poor signals, you could upgrade to the Sky Hub 2019 version by contacting the company about its Broadband Boost option.

Sky broadband upgrade plan

Internet needs change, and your future use may require you to seek out a broadband plan that better accommodates your usage. If you feel your current plan isn’t enough, a Sky Broadband Upgrades is the next best choice.

Sky’s meteoric package offers average download speeds of up to 59Mbps—an incredible option for faster, more reliable speeds for streaming some of your favourite shows.

There is also the option to choose the Sky Broadband Ultrafast package, with speeds of up to 145Mbps. The plan is perfect for streaming, gaming, and downloads, and you can do all of that simultaneously without affecting the speed. 

Sky fibre broadband free upgrade

If you are considering shifting your entire internet set up to the company, opt for Sky's fibre broadband instead. While the upgrade is not free, it adds considerable value with much faster and more reliable speeds than standard broadband.

Sky’s fibre optic selections are great for streaming in HD, downloading music in a matter of seconds, and online gameplay. There are cheaper fibre connections available, but you can combine Sky’s fibre packages with Sky TV for heavily discounted rates.

Get Sky Broadband Upgrades cashback

While Sky Broadband Upgrades aren’t free, upgrading your Sky package through Quidco can make it worthwhile with favourable cashback offers.

The process is straightforward: Sign up on Quidco for free, if you haven’t already. Head to the cashback links at the top of this page and click ‘Get cashback’. This will take you to the Sky Broadband Upgrades website, where you can shop as normal, choose your upgrades, and make a purchase. Once that's all done, we'll track and process your cashback before sending the money into your Quidco account.

Quidco takes to the Sky broadband offering

Visit the Sky broadband link at the top of the Quidco page for discounts and special offers on your next package deal. It’s never been simpler to connect, and the savings are worth it.