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mShaw10777 wrote on 02 August 2017

Cashback Claim

Raised a claim for two mobile phones that did not track with Sky back in April 2017. No communication received from Quidco apart from to say claim had been submitted to retailer. Today (1 August 2017) I contacted Quidco to find out progress of claim and they said they would chase up Sky!! I took it upon myself to contact Sky and they said it was nothing to do with them and to contact Quidco. Whole process is a joke and payment time is too long. Don't count on payment as it may not happen.

Overall rating 4 stars

mHurer wrote on 12 January 2018

Never seems to track

I've added a total of 3 plans over a period of 4 months and they have never tracked, having to raise a cashback claim every time!

Overall rating 3 stars

user991341 wrote on 12 January 2018

No Cashback

First time using Quidco, and Sky mobile. used the offer for the iphone 8 plus on release day. got an update at the beginning of Dec saying it had been sent to retailer, still no update. this is a complete joke considering you take the cashback into account when making a purchase. its an absolute con job and shouldnt be allowed.

Overall rating 3 stars

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Overall rating 3.5 stars

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