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Snoozel Green Cashback & Offers

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More about Snoozel Green

Founded by Rob and Oli, a couple of old school friends with years of experience in the furniture industry and e-commerce.

In early 2018 we were discussing the huge rise of online 'mattress in a box companies', and wanted to dig a little deeper into this recent phenomenon.
Underneath all the flashy marketing we soon found that most of these mattresses offered very little value to the consumer, and could actually be causing harm, with their synthetic, toxic layers of foam and chemical fire retardants.

We set to work creating Snoozel Green, a high quality natural mattress that is genuinely health focused, eco-conscious and socially responsible, at a fair price.

“Everything we make will use premium organic materials, be health focused, eco-conscious & socially responsible”

Handmade in Sri Lanka, our mattresses are 100% natural organic latex, certified organic cotton & certified organic wool.