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SSE Energy

Last updated Mar. 29, 2022
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    Shopping SSE Energy

    Headquartered in Perth, Scotland, SSE is one of the UK’s leading energy providers. It’s Great Britain’s top generators of renewable electricity and the country’s largest electric network. SSE is also a champion of renewable energy and is moving with the times to make increase renewable output, cut carbon intensity and support the move to driverless cars. 

    So what does that all mean to you? It means that SSE is a smart choice for affordable, quality energy for your home. And it means that you can feel good when the heating’s on, as you’ll know SSE’s energy is not coming from a bad place.

    In choosing to get your energy from SSE, you’ll not only be able to pay direct debit and spread the cost of your bills over months, but you could have access to perks. SSE customers get access to presale tickets and events.

    SSE also provide smart home features, such as smart meters. These clever devices are part of the ‘Internet of Things’. They let you accurately track how much energy you’re using, allowing you to adapt your energy usage to save money. Plus, they automatically tell SSE your meter reading, so you don’t have to spend time doing it.

    SSE gas and electricity

    If you’re moving home or unhappy with your current energy supplier, switching to SSE is not only a smart choice, it’s also easily done. You can get SSE gas and electricity is a few different ways: fixed price and flexible price.

    A fixed price tariff will mean that your energy bill will not rise. As the wholesale price of energy can increase or decrease, so can your energy bills. If you choose an SSE fixed price tariff, you won’t have this problem — your gas and electric will stay the same throughout the contract period.

    There’s a couple of options for fixed price tariffs. You can fix the price for one or two years (meaning that the price of your energy won’t change in these periods). Or you can get a fixed price tariff with extra benefits thrown in, like a Google Nest.

    Flexible price tariff, on the other hand, could mean that prices go up and down with the cost of wholesale energy. This is good when the cost of wholesale energy is low, as you could end up paying less.

    Get SSE cashback

    Switching to SSE energy is an affordable way to get good gas and electric and a few extra benefits. But wait… you can make your bills even cheaper. By switching to SSE or upgrading your current tariff through Quidco, you can earn cashback. Unless you live in a tent, virtually everybody has to buy energy at some point in their lives — you might as well get some money back on it.

    To get cashback, head to the links at the top of this page. Find an offer that looks good to you and click ‘Get cashback’. You’ll be directed to the SSE website where you can make a purchase. When that’s done, we’ll get to work tracking and processing your cashback before sending it into your Quidco account.

    If you’re still deciding if SSE is the best energy supplier for you, why not use our comparison tool? Quidco Compare allows you to compare the UK’s leading energy providers to find the best deal for you. The best bit? When you take out a gas, electric or dual fuel quote, we’ll give you up to £40 cashback. It’s a no-brainer, if you ask us.