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pha wrote on 03 May 2016

Do not buy from this place

Not only was my cashback denied (when I spent such a large amount), they also don't tell you that you will get stung with customs charges when the item(s) arrive in the UK from Hong Kong. I had to pay over £40 in charges, and also £8 to Royal Mail for their troubles... The worst part of it is, it took a MONTH to be delivered from the order date (they state 4-6 days on the website), but as soon as you say where is my order, they refer you to the terms and conditions where it says items can take up to 45 days (and that I should have upgraded to the VAT option which makes the item 20% more expensive - no where was this explained to me or I would have never ordered with them. Their customer service is terrible, their prices are higher compared to other online retailers when you take these charges they don't tell you about into consideration.

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 2 stars

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