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About Swell Reptiles

Swell Reptiles is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of reptile goods, including vivariums, terrariums, live food, heating, lighting and everything in between and has become the nation’s first choice for high quality reptile supplies at awesome prices.

Helpful Information

Shopping Swell Reptiles

Swell Reptiles is one of the leading suppliers in the UK for reptile goods. Everything you need, from terrariums to vivariums, to food, lighting, and heating, you can purchase on Swell Reptiles online store with a few clicks. The brand has grown popular over the last couple of years, and today it is one of the go-to choices for high-quality reptile products at competitive prices. 

Committed to delivering happy experiences for you and your pet, Swell Reptiles offer impeccable services such as a next day delivery option. Many of the brand’s representatives work closely with or have reptiles themselves. They know how important your pet’s wellbeing is to you, and that is why they promise quick delivery to get you your supplies as soon as possible. 

Swell Superstore 

For those who want to see the reptiles in person, you can visit the Swell Superstore, located in Hyde, Manchester. The Swell Reptiles Hyde store offers a vast range of animals, including snakes, fish, invertebrates, and amphibians. 

Swell Reptiles update their stock as regularly as possible. However, if you plan to visit their superstore to buy a specific animal, it is recommended to contact the store first to confirm availability. 

If you prefer buying reptiles online, you can visit their e-store instead.

Swell Reptiles vivarium 

Swell Reptiles is devoted to supplying the very best and most extensive range of vivariums. From small walnut vivariums to medium-sized oak and large black vivariums, you have many options to choose from for your pet. 

Swell Reptiles can offer you hundreds of models in stock from VivExotic, a leading brand of vivariums, to help create the perfect environment for your pet. The broad range of high-quality vivariums caters from small to large reptiles. Some vivariums also have matching cabinets that result in value savings when purchased together. 

Besides vivariums, you can also check the other reptile supplies, including Swell Reptile fogger humidifiers, thermostats, incubators, and more. 

Earn points with every purchase 

Swell Reptiles offers a unique rewards scheme for loyal buyers. Whether you want to buy Swell Reptiles waterfall with pump or Swell Reptiles thermostat for your lovely pet, you can now save money on all online orders and purchases. 

For every £1 you spend at the store, you get one point. Every time you make an online purchase, you receive points that you can use for your next order. Save even more with a Swell Reptiles promo code to get the maximum savings on your orders. 

Get Swell Reptiles cashback 

Swell Reptiles sells everything you need for your reptile pet, including food, health goods, equipment, and treats. Some supplies tend to be expensive, which is why so many savings are available through our Quidco cashback page. 

Go to the top of this page and click ‘Get cashback.’ We will direct you to the Swell Reptiles website, where you can buy everything you need for your scaly buddy. Once you make a purchase, we will process your cashback to your Quidco account. 

Make sure to check our page regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest Swell Reptiles sales and discounts.