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SalJam29 wrote on 21 March 2016

High cashback, but long wait

I upgraded to FTTC in September to take advantage of a £90 cashback offer. The upgrade didn't track, so i had to manually raise it. This meant that the cashback took about 6 months to come through. I cant say if this is particularly slow as the upgrades part of TalkTalk cashback hasn't been around to long. I am happy that I received £90 cashback when the monthly cost is £10 extra over standard broadband. That's 9 months free!

Overall rating 4 stars

Helen2312 wrote on 05 May 2016

Don't Rely on Getting Paid the Cash Back Owed by TalkTalk

I purchased a TalkTalk upgrade to fibre broadband in September via Quidco which at the time was offering £90 cash back. The purchase didn't track so I raised a claim. After a long wait which was over six months later the claim was declined by TalkTalk claiming that the purchase did not meet all the terms and conditions for the offer. I stuck to the t&c's 100% so I'm very confused why cash back was declined!

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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