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The Bitter Club

More about The Bitter Club

Hello and welcome to The Bitter Club!

While most people will say they had everything planned from the start, I’m going to be honest and tell you that The Bitter Club was a complete accident.

It actually came about because of my love of Bourbon; living in America I became obsessed with it. When I moved home to London, I missed it so much that I eventually dragged some friends all the way to Kentucky to do the Bourbon trail…. to be fair, they weren’t exactly kicking and screaming until they had to do a tasting still hungover from the day before.

I found the process of distilling so fascinating that I took a certificate course and while I was studying for the exam I began playing around with making cocktail bitters.

At first it was just to see how to blend spirits and mix flavour profiles – believe me, there are some things that should not be allowed in a jar together – but then it happened. I decided to make the perfect bitters for my favourite cocktail, an Old Fashioned, and thus was born my Cinnamon & Orange Bitters. Two more flavours and numerous cocktail recipes later, The Bitter Club is here.

All the bitters are carefully crafted in small batches, using the finest natural ingredients, with no added sugar or flavourings. Their brilliance comes from the love and care I pour into every hand-labelled bottle.

In an effort to produce as little waste as possible, I use the ingredients from our bitters to create some of the garnishes, and anything not used is collected as food waste to be recycled. All of the packaging can be recycled and if you’re not sure what to do with your empty bottles, I recommend using them for your sugar syrup.

The Bitter Club offers more than a drink, it’s an experience. You can have all the components you need to combine with your favourite spirits, delivered to your door, to create wonderful cocktails. So get shaking!