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jahirul90838 wrote on 08 February 2017

AVOID TPO - No Customer Service

I can never get through to this company, I'm still waiting for them to refund my money. I get told every day that they will process refund back into my account but still got nothing.

Overall rating 1 stars

user2092039 wrote on 03 January 2017

Stick to one of the main networks

The sim deal promoted was very competitive. Sim card arrived after 5 days. Activated the sim card and tried to transfer my number. It was all downhill from there. Called 3 times, each taking more than 30 minutes to answer the call. The customer service representative could not resolve my problem over 2 weeks and 3 phone calls. I just asked them to cancel the contract and give my money back.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1 stars

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