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More about The Skin Deep

Sales from {THE AND} card games allow us to develop even more interactive storytelling platforms including:

THE DIG: An honest glimpse into the changing landscape of modern relationships & a World Press Photo winner.

THE WINDOW: Recognises the power of being not just seen by your community but deeply understood.

SENIOR ORIENTATION: Playfully captures the many ways technology informs and alters our means of connecting. 


At THE SKIN DEEP, our core values are compass:





We exist to contribute to human consciousness through the creations we offer and our connections with one another.

Our Team

Our team of talented creatives are committed to the recognition that there is value in every conversation and something to be learned from every person, perspective, and experience. Even with different backgrounds and different world views, our team of 17 hold a common goal: Create space for meaningful conversations, deeper connections, and more thoughtful interactions. Please join our program, we look forward to working with you all!