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anhandfrank22455 wrote on 26 September 2016

I love shopping at Thompson and Morgan

Good product price and very fast cash payment (after some days the purchased made). Brilliant website. I highly recommend thompson and morgan to everyone who loves gardening

Overall rating 5 stars

user916774 wrote on 21 September 2016

Cashback Declined - Again !!

I have just had cashback declined for the THIRD time from this retailer. Despite clicking through from the link and following all the usual procedures, they claim that 'they are not satisfied that I was referred by' - what more do I have to do ??? This is the third decline from the same retailer with the same 'excuse'. I do the same with all other retailers I buy though and have no problems receiving cashback. I was willing to give this retailer 1 last chance, but that was it. I will not use them again. I also believe should be doing more to tackle this issue, as all the tracking information is logged and click-through evidence must be conclusive, but they just take the retailers response as gospel.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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