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Tinhat Mobile Insurance Cashback

Save money whilst shopping with Tinhat Mobile Insurance cashback! Simply click get cashback, shop as normal and earn rewards in your Quidco account.
£8 cashback
for a genuine new policy when you pay for the year upfront
£8 cashback
for a genuine new policy when you pay for the year upfront
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Last updated May. 24, 2023



£8 cashback

for a genuine new policy when you pay for the year upfront

When will I get my cashback?

  • Purchase
  • Tracked in
    <Less than 24 hours
  • Pays within
    8 months

Cashback do's and don'ts


  • Cashback is not paid on VAT, delivery charges and any other additional fees, occasionally some may pay cashback on the full basket amount. When a minimum spend threshold is required to be eligible for cashback, retailers do not count VAT and fees in the total spend amount
  • Cashback can be earned simply by clicking through to the merchant and shopping as normal
  • Cashback is available on genuine, tracked purchases completed immediately and wholly online
  • Purchases at this merchant should appear as pending within 24 hours. They will remain at this status until the merchant confirms the purchase is eligible for cashback. Once this happens your purchase will reach the ‘confirmed’ status on your account
  • Most transactions from merchants track successfully, occasionally a transaction may not get reported. If you believe this to be the case, please submit a "Missing Cashback" claim within 45 days of the transaction.
  • Cashback may initially track at a lower or higher rate and update to the correct rate on confirmation
  • Cashback is not issued by the merchant. If you have any queries regarding cashback or payments, please contact Quidco Customer Support directly and not the merchant
  • Even though we do our best to keep the information on this page up to date, it may be out of date from time to time.
  • If you purchase products across multiple cashback rates in one session, the lowest rate will track against the full 'basket' amount
  • Cashback will only track if the merchant can track your purchase to us. This means that you must click the 'Get Cashback link', go straight through to the merchant website and make the purchase in the same session without exiting your internet browser
  • The merchant reserves all rights to take action (including legal action) as is considered necessary in its sole discretion in order to prevent or redress any fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use of their website
  • The cashback offered is only available as shown at the time and the merchant reserves the right to withdraw their offering at any time
  • Cashback rates are subject to change and may increase or decrease at any time
  • All purchases are run through validation checks and cashback will only be paid on valid purchases
  • This offer is only available to United Kingdom residents who have purchased a valid insurance policy through the merchant
  • Cashback will only be paid for a maximum of one purchase per account within a 12 month period


  •  If you apply an additional discount that reduces your overall purchase price, this may cause   your cashback to be declined or reduced. e.g Voucher codes, student discount, staff discount
  •  If you participate in any other offer/ promotion that is not covered in the retailer Cashback   rates
  •  If you have been previously a customer of Tinhat Mobile Insurance within the last 12   months
  •  If BACS is not your selected Quidco payment method
  •  If you are renewing a policy
  •  If you, or the insurer, cancel the policy before cashback is deposited in your Quidco account.
  •  If cashback has been paid you may be required to return this to Tinhat Mobile Insurance
  •  If you don't pay your Insurance Premium in full or, if paying by Direct Debit your payments   are not kept up to date
  •  If you obtain a quote through Quidco and purchase through a Price Comparison Site
  •  If you obtain a quote through a Price Comparison Site and purchase through Quidco
  •  If you obtain a quote through Tinhat Mobile InsuranceSite and purchase through Quidco
  •  If your application to not fully completed online
  •  If your application is completed over the telephone
  •  If you purchase other products sold by Tinhat Insurance through the Tinhat Mobile Insurance   'Get Cashback' link

Helpful Information

Shopping Tinhat Mobile Insurance

Tinhat is a specialist mobile phone insurance provider, offering some of the best value policies and customer service in the market.

  • We insure our customers for:
  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Breakdown outside of warranty
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised calls
  • Loss*

*only included in our Full cover option


Our cover also offers the following features:

  • Instant cover**
  • Cover for immediate family
  • Worldwide cover
  • Online data backup
  • Unlimited claims

*for phones that are less that 6 months old at time of insuring


Tinhat delivers straightforward mobile phone insurance policies. The company aims to increase customer claim success and ensure that all of its coverage is affordable and easy to understand. Whether you want to cover your new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Huawei, you can get excellent coverage and outstanding support from Tinhat. 

One great thing about Tinhat is that filing a claim won’t affect your other insurance policies. Now you can cover your mobile phone without worrying about your home insurance premium skyrocketing. 

How to file a Tinhat insurance claim

You can find a few easy ways to file a claim with Tinhat. The fastest way is to call the company’s claim centre directly. You can also send in your claim via email. To submit a claim, a Tinhat representative might ask you for the following: policy number, device details, general circumstances for your claim, personal information, and evidence of ownership.

If you’ve lost your mobile phone, it’s best to submit your claim as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours). You should also submit the theft to your local authorities within 48 hours of the incident. 

Tinhat phone insurance reviews

Tinhat customer reviews are mostly positive. Several customers report that the Tinhat team is extremely reliable and provide a quick turnaround. The platform is easy to use, and getting your policy is incredibly straightforward. Customers also report that if you file a claim, the Tinhat team executes your order almost instantaneously.

Tinhat mobile phone insurance

Tinhat mobile phone insurance is a great way to protect your phone and gadgets from damage, theft, and loss. Not only are the plans easy to understand, but they are also affordable. Tinhat provides customers with unlimited claims, worldwide coverage, excellent customer service, and a quick claim process. 

Tinhat gadget insurance

Today, we all rely heavily on our gadgets, so losing or breaking them can negatively affect our lifestyle. Not only are gadgets expensive to replace, but going without them can cause a great deal of stress. Tinhat gadget coverage is a fantastic solution for those looking for a reliable and affordable insurance plan to protect their goods. 

The company offers a wide range of different plans so you can choose one that best suits your budget and lifestyle. Some plans start at as little as £5.00 per month. 

Tinhat insurance excess

Like most insurance providers, Tinhat has excess charges for specific conditions. The company goes above and beyond to provide an affordable service, so the excess charges are relatively low. If you file a claim for your mobile phone, you will need to pay the appropriate excess fee to receive a replacement. 

Excess fees range from £50 to £100, depending on your device. One great thing about Tinhat is that they don’t charge you anything extra for making a claim abroad. You’re just required to pay the fixed excess fees in place. 

Get Tinhat cashback

Tinhat is one of the best ways to save on mobile insurance coverage. To save more, click ‘Get cashback’ above, which will lead you to the Tinhat page. Once you’ve finished purchasing a Tinhat insurance policy, Quidco will deposit cashback credit into your account.